Dusk to Dawn’s Story



  1. darkness caused by the shutting out of light
  2. shadowy, dim, dark 



  1. the first spark or appearance of light before the sun rises
  2. the beginning of a phenomenon especially one favorable
  3. to begin to be perceived or understood 

Brand Mission

Dusk to Dawn is the transition. Dusk to Dawn’s goal is to not only to help you find that spark within yourself, but to blossom and never lose it. You don’t have to wait for a “change” to find your spark. No physical, or mental change can take your spark from you. It’s in you already. Once you find that spark within yourself, it’s almost contagious to the ones around you- your family, friends, and partner(s)- well, at least the right one. You’ll look forward to creating memories with them, and that’s irreplaceable/timeless. 


Brand Story 

I used to daydream about being able to love my body beyond its imperfections and now I get to put “variety” on a pedestal. I was so shy and closed out because of my insecurities that I missed years of events to connect with friends, and family. I became insecure with dating too-. That had put a really dark cloud over me that kept me closed off. I would consider that my “Dusk” stage.


I realized how fast time flew by and you know, you really can’t get that time back. After stepping out of my comfort zone and meeting new people, I built a circle that helped me find that spark. I mean- they would hype me up so much and I feel like everyone needs that. They pushed me to flourish into my “Dawn” stage. Now the least I can do is carry that on to a larger audience. 


Dusk to Dawn is the continuation and expansion of the circle I was so fortunate to find. We have the chance to show others that you don’t have to wait on a change within yourself whether it be weight loss, weight gain, surgery, to then be happy and enjoy your body, your birthday, your anniversary, your girls’ night. No matter what changes- your body, your circle/surroundings, your relationships, you’re still that girl- or guy. -Deandra B.