Lingerie Care

All lingerie may be washed and dried by machine.

Crystallized lingerie will not be damaged by washing/drying machines. 

Lingerie that includes fur will not be damaged by washing/drying machines.

The best washing method to ensure the longevity of your lingerie is the “Soak-Twirl-Rinse” method of hand washing.

The "Soak-Twirl-Rinse" method is soaking the lingerie in a mix of detergent and lukewarm water. Twirl the lingerie to clean. Scrubbing is appropriate, however be mindful of the design on your lingerie. Rinse the lingerie with cold water. Add fabric softener and repeat the process. If you must use a washing machine, turn the lingerie inside out and wash the lingerie as delicate using cold water and a gentle cycle. A mild detergent is recommended. Air fluffing in the dryer is the best method of drying the lingerie, If air fluffing is not applicable, please use a low heat setting.